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Cognitive Communication Specialists




Cortex Initiative specializes in providing evidence based rehabilitation services to military service members, veterans, and civilians who are living with cognitive communication deficits as the result of concussion/brain injury. Our mission is to deliver exceptional, individualized care to help clients enhance their cognitive and communication abilities, attain personal and professional goals, improve relationships with friends and family, and advance their overall quality of life.




We offer evaluation and treatment for deficits in areas of cognitive communication and other disorders related to general speech-language pathology, to include those of the voice, motor speech, expressive/receptive language, swallowing, fluency, resonance, social skills, chronic cough and more. 




"Having had a traumatic and anoxic brain injuries, I wasn’t sure where I stood with my peers as far as brain power. The sessions gave me tools and reinforced what I had, in order to give me the confidence to be social and come out of my shell. This has helped me in many ways that I’m grateful for." 

~ Retired US Navy SEAL

"True professionals and subject matter experts. My clinician's ability to convey complex answers to cognitive and brain disorders, causes of memory problems, personal irritability, lack of focus, and complete loss of words at times has helped me dramatically understand and cope, implement some positive changes, and take the valuable lessons I learned and start employing them in my daily routines."  ~ US Army Veteran

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