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Services Available


Services available for adults and pediatrics include but are not limited to:

  • Cognition

    • Memory​, attention, executive functioning, judgment, reasoning, organization

  • Speech

    • Articulation​, motor speech

  • Expressive and receptive language

    • Speaking, listening, processing

    • Literacy 

    • Social communication

  • Swallowing

    • Dysphagia, GERD management, feeding 

  • Voice and resonance

    • Vocal cord lesions, paralysis/injury, dysphonia

    • Laryngeal hypersensitivity

    • Neurological disorders

  • Fluency

    • Stuttering/cluttering​

Direct Payment


The direct payment model allows for exceptional, specialized care that is driven by the needs and goals of the client without oversight of 3rd party healthcare networks. We charge a flat rate and do not allow insurance companies to dictate timelines or determine eligibility. At Cortex Initiative, the clinicians make all decisions regarding evaluation, treatment, and overall plan of care. This allows for personalized, quality services at a fair price. Some clients pay less than they would with co-pays and co-insurances through their healthcare company. We strive to provide greater care in fewer visits. 

Clients at Cortex Initiative...

  • know what they'll be charged and receive a single, flat bill

  • get quality care with an experienced therapist

  • can schedule their visits immediately and on their own

Clients at Cortex Initiative DO NOT...

  • pay deductibles or co-pays 

  • face extra or hidden fees

  • need referrals or insurance authorizations 

  • worry about insurance companies denying their plan of care

  • undergo frequent re-evaluations to determine if they can continue with therapy

Fee Schedules



Initial Comprehensive Evaluation-               $150.00-300.00

  • Interview client and obtain details regarding past medical history, present level of performance, and current functional deficits.

  • Assess current level of functioning through formal and/or informal measures

  • Establish attainable goals and individualized plan of care

  • Create a written report and provide a copy to client


60-minute follow up treatment session -    $95.00

  • One hour of intensive, goal focused therapy

  • Available in office or via telehealth

30-minute follow up treatment session-     $55.00

  • One half hour of intensive, goal focused therapy

  • Available in office or via telehealth




  • We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks.

  • We provide superbills upon request for those clients who wish to seek reimbursement from their insurance company. Reimbursement cannot be guaranteed.

  • We accept clients funded through non-profit charities.

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